Saturday, December 26

Christmas in the Summertime

In Australia, Santa's sled is pulled by kangaroos and here are some lyrics to a classic Christmas carol:                                            On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve goanna goin, Eleven snakes a-sliding, Ten dingoes dashing, Nine wombats waddling, Eight koalas clinging, Seven emus running, Six 'roos a-jumping, Five opals black,
Four great galahs, Three parakeets, Two cockatoos, And a kookaburra up a gum tree.
Photo Captions:
1. A typical Christmas party at Byron Bay.
2. Family Photo
3. Christmas Eve we went to a parade and fair with Peter James and his beautiful family.
4. Devin got a magic wand for christmas eve and became all powerful shooting people with vitimin C and marrying them.
5-7. We hung out at Peter's beautiful hotel. Devin fell asleep on the Bali day bed (which was helicoptered onto the treehouse.)
6. Our Tantra family spends christmas at the Nudist beach
7. Dez risks his life with a giant jelly fish
7. We celebrate the Holy Day with a huge Indian Feast
8. On Boxing Day (Dec.26th) Auntie Fiona spoils Devin with a Kookabura teddy.

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