Monday, January 4

Australia's Version of Burning Man

This annual new years festival is called ConFest and it's a magical gatherings out in the Bush between Sydney and Melborn. There were at least 2K that attended this year including our little tantric tribe Michael, Devin, Natasha, Maya, Dez, and our hosts Fiona and Tracy Lynn. We magically manifested a big motor home and set off for a big adventure, which included all kinds of obstacles....

First we couldn't find our keys. Then there was something wrong with the fuel injector and the engine wouldn't start. After the Australian road service came to the rescue, we ran out of gas.  We lost power on our mobile phone and got seperated from from our caravan. But when we finally arrived we found a beautiful camping space right on the water to park our van, complete with 24 hour live drumming and lots of little kids for Devin to run around with.
The trials continued even after we arrived. We lost our hostess Fiona, Devin got dehydrated on day 2 and I was struck with intense anxiety. 
It took about three days to drop into the magic of the festival, and then we started offering talks on polyamory, tantra and sex magic and there were hundreds of eager kindred spirits.  Our talks were some of the most popular there and it was profound to be received so deeply by kindred spirits.  We also experienced sound healing with dijdredoos and a high quality one man show by Simon Oats from Melborn. 
My highlight: The depths of surrender and bonding with my tantric family. I had the experience of living in a freedom based love tribe (with my son!) for a whole week. 
My lowlight: Stalking myself in story of seperation; feeling my need for structure and order were not met or celebrated.  (Which ofcourse lead to my hightlight and quantum levels of great surrender.)
Hope you're having a wonder-filled new year!


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