Wednesday, January 20

Back to the Drawing Board

     All the big-wig success and self help gurus agree that failure is an essential part of success. The basic message is “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” --Robert Francis Kennedy
So, our mission, should we chose the path of personal growth, is to actually learn from our failures.
     I recently set out to write a book about polyamory and failed. It was going to be an exciting co-creation with a beloved friend, teacher, artist, who I dubbed the "Relationship Rockstar." We co-created a detailed outline, he spent the first 3 months on first draft, and then we tested the material on our market with an amazing weekend workshop named after the book "FREE LOVE Can You Really Afford it?"
     The success of the workshop somehow satisfied our need to share this material, because shortly afterwards we both got busy with media projects and other speaking engagements and after a series of missed calls and blog-to-book attempts, we decided to give up.
     On the third time he came down to teach this workshop, the economy had turned and registration was low, so we were struck with the brilliant idea to create a DVD. Indeed, the failure of our book lead to the success creation of our new DVD, "Earning your BLACKBELT in Relationships by Kamala Devi & Reid Mihalko." Ooops, I was going to keep my co-author's name a secret in case he didn't want me blogging about his failures...but it slipped. Anyway, we'll be launching our new DVD with a fun release party in San Diego at 6:45pm on Jan. 30th. Release parties in San Fran and New York are also in the works.
     Yet, I'm still left to ask...What did I learn from this failure? Perhaps a book wasn't the appropriate co-creation with this man. Perhaps it's easier for me to write alone. Perhaps the timing wasn't right. Who knows?
     One thing I do know, I'm still driven to write a book about polyamory. I'll be starting a new class called "How to write a book in 90 days" which uses tantric principles to inspire creativity. And since I love how ego-confronting it is to blog I plan to resume uploading massive amounts of content about my tantra and poly lifestyle. I just thought I should let you know in case you want to become more intimately acquainted with my unique way of writing, living and loving. Further I ask you, dear reader, to post comments and encouragement to keep me accountable to writing over 70,000 words in the next 90 days, even if the content is raw, transparent and above all uninhibited.
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach


Sarina said...

Beloved woman of flowing words, aspiration and creation.

I am delighted to follow the next 70,000 words describing your daily bliss path of tantric creativity.

In visioning the creative scenes for my life's wheel I am also seeing myself writing more in 2010.

Living as pioneers in the relationship frontier makes for an incredible adventure calling for integrating all the love tools avaialble in the Magic bag.

I believe that sharing the hidden-gifts and opportunities within a polyamory life choice is a valuable project for this millenia.

Go forth, play and prosper
sweet sister, goddess, mentor guide.

Thank you for the gift idea of blocking and prioritizing time for creativity and everything else.

Your L.A. sister, SaRina

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