Tuesday, January 26

D. J. Sullivan is honored at the Theater Party of the Year!

    When my beloved Michael turned 40 he realized that he always wanted to be an actor and it was high time he started acting classes. This was a bold and eye-opening experience for the whole family.  He insisted on learning from the best teacher in San Diego and that is how I met. D.J. Sullivan.
     D.J. Sullivan has been directing and Teaching actors for over 40 years. Her students have included Tony Award winners Brian Stokes-Mitchell ("Kiss Me Kate") and Christian Hoff ("Jersey Boys") as well as Academy Award Nominee Annette Bening ("American Beauty").
     Every year Sullivan invites us to her red carpet Academy Awards Party where we dress up and gather around the big screen while gambling on who's going to win the Oscars.
     But this year, she called to invite us to a formal cocktail party held at the Contemporary museum of art which proved an event like no other. On Jan. 25, 2010, the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle presented the eighth annual Craig Noel Awards for Excellence in Theatre, honoring DJ Sullivan for a lifetime achievement award.
     As an actress D.J. Sullivan has appeared on such Television shows as "Murder She Wrote" , " General Hospital", Pensacola Wings of Gold", "Dallas", and "Beretta" . But her greatest fame is from her involvement in all four "Killer Tomato" movies!!!  I encourage you to check out her website...
And if you want to read some wonderful reviews for local theater go to The San Diego Theatre Critics Circle’s website: http://sdcriticscircle.org/mainpages/reviews.htm
I look forward to getting Tantra Theater reviewed in the near future. And there will be a day when our backyard theater efforts will be recognized on a larger stage as well.  Come out to support the arts. Our next show is scheduled for Feb. 6th and if you want more details please go to http://www.tantratheater.tv/

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