Wednesday, January 20

New Years Resolutions of a Creativity Coach

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for time is the stuff life is made of - Ben Franklin                                                                                    As a creativity coach, I teach the number one key to any creative project,is time management. Creating a schedule (and sticking to it) is a fundamental part of success. And January is an AWESOME time to plot, plan and prepare for new projects...why? If nothing else because you have a brand new calendar in front of you that will fill up with default busy business if you don't consciously take time to fill it in with the things you value most.

So I challenge you to ask:

1. What goals or resolutions do I want to manifest?
2. Why? (You've got to have a BURNING reason)
3. Where do I want to start? (What are my priorities? )
4. How much time is that going to take?
5. Block out specific times WHEN your going to work on it. And (here's the hard part) actually show up!!!
     So, here I am now mustering the motivation to "walk the walk" so I won't feel like a hypocrite when I "talk the talk" on tomorrows "How to Write a Book in 90 Days" Tele-course where I teach that "writers block" is nothing more than the block you make in your calendar of when your going to sit down and actually write your book!

Here are my top 10 Big Hairy Goals for 2010 (For balance I make at least one goal in each aspect of life):

CREATIVITY: I am well supported while directing a core troupe of Tantra Theater players and paying them for their monthly performances while teaching classes to amatures and creating videos. Tantra Theater is successful, professional troupe which offers monthly performances and showcases at temples, conferences and festivals.

FAMILY: I am present and patient during my play time with Devin on Sundays and evenings during the last year before he goes to pre-school.

ROMANCE: I'm enjoying harmony in the household, weekly datenights and tantric lovemaking with my beloved while enjoying regular romantic weekends away.

ENVIRONMENT: We are building a spacious and organized office in our back house so that I can master time management and delegation and 3 year old Devin has his own room.

WELL-BEING: I am maintaining a daily practice of movement, morning pages and prayer at least 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes!

CAREER: I'm completing a manuscript on polyamory and having it published.

FINANCIAL: Through mutually beneficial privates, products and talks I am earning over a six figure income.

EDUCATION: I am enrolled in graduate studies for expressive Arts.

COMMUNITY: Tantra-Palooza is a San Diego based festival with 10 teachers and over 75 people that raises the vibration on the planet and transforms the teachers and participants as never before.

 BONUS: I feel grounded and centered after I confidentlly perform my 45 minute radical one goddess show for a full house of at least 60 supportive audience members on or around May 5th 2010 (or a comperable multi-media production)

2. WHY?
I've journeyed at great length about specific reasons why I want to energize and achieve each goal. And it all seems to boil down to...PLAY, PLEASURE, REALIZE AND SERVE.

Ooohhhh, This is a tough call. But if I have to chose, I'm looking at my calendar and it makes the most sense for me to participate in my own 90 day courses, so, I'm going to say that my top three goals are Tantra Theater, Writing my book, and Maintaining my daily practices.

My Daily Practices takes about 1 hour each morning (excluding the weekends.)
I'll be hosting two sections of Tantra Theater (personal growth and transpersonal transformation) per week so will probably average 10 hours of rehearsal and 5 hours of homework per week.
If I include my teaching and bogging time my new book will probably take 15 hours per week.

OK, so now I'm going into my calendar and actually selecting times to schedule each of the 10 activities listed above.

Tell your friends and lovers what you are creating (and when) so they can hold you accountable. If you have a can post it there...If you don't you can comment on mine. Ofcourse, goals are organic and subject to change as the year moves along and new information and opportunities arise...but I encourage you to continue to update your goals on paper and notify your friends and lovers.
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach


afbsexualalchemy said...

Dear Kamala, What gems you have posted for us! I love what you have to say and thank you for sharing your goals, priorities and what it takes to get there... very inspiring! Andrea F.B. (formerly Avanzato)

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