Wednesday, January 19

Tantra Theater is Forming Now!

I'm excited to announce that the GAME is ON!

We'll be starting the next Course on THURSDAYS at 6:30 in February.

Though we haven't confirmed the exact location or dates, we are planning a spectacular performance showcase in May!

You have approx. 2 weeks to prepare for this deep journey into your full expression.

I suggest you put the following dates on your calendar, and LIGHTEN UP your work and social calendar so that you can dive deeply into rehearsals and have time for emotional process and/or homework.

The first rehearsal begins on Feb. 10th.Please wear comfy clothes, bring pen, journal, inspiration and an open mind.

Tuition of $397 is due on the first day. (If necessary it can be broken up into no more than two payments of $200, second payment is due on March 31st.) Repeat performers get $100 off, no payment plan.  Please check your calendar and let me know if you plan to enroll.

February: 10, 17
March: 3, 10, 17, 31
April: 7, 14, 28
May: 5th is Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
other rehearsals during Tech week TBA
Potential Show Dates: May 6,7,8 AND/OR 13,14,15
Wrap party: May 12th or following week if we do a later show. (We may have a partial performance with anyone who is attending the Sedona Confrence on the 29th, and informal performance art at Canyon de Guadalupe in March.)It is required that you miss no more than 3 classes AND dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Can't wait to get Naked onstage with you!
Kamala Devi

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