Friday, October 15

Tantra-Palooza Decompression Party

     This picture shows about a third of the Tantra-Palooza participants who gathered for the Tantra-Palooza decompression talk. We started the evening by sharing our highlights which include: first kisses, energy orgasms, naked yoga, whole body orgasms, meditating, sensual encounters in the woods, tantric tthreesomes, voyeurism/exhibitionism, and permission to be our wild free authentic selves. 
     Afterwards we passed the talking stick and held the same sacred non-judgemental space for each persons low lights which include: Not asking for what we want, not getting enough sleep, not having enough time to connect with everyone. Next year's Tantra-Palooza 11-11-11 will be a week long, Bodhi suggested it be a whole year!  Francoise, Shawn Roop, Guru Kirin showed up to share their love and invite the community to continue to connect by becoming a (free) member of

     We then officially over heated our projector by watching a HOT slide show of photos taken by Goddess Julie Kondor. Julie (pictured Above) is a gifted professional photography who now specializes in tantric images. I'll be posting her (non-nude) photos on the Facebook Group: Tantra-Palooza 12-12-12. If you attended TP and took photos please post them there.

Our next Tantra Talk will be featuring Guest Speaker: Daka TJ Bartel, so mark your calendar for Nov. 4 Tantra Talk at 6:45.  Followed by these exciting events:

Nov. 6 Advanced Training for Sacred Sexual practitioners with TJ Bartel 1-6pm
Nov. 6 Sacred Snuggle and Potluck Party 6:45
Nov. 18 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Deborah Taj Anapol 6:45
Nov. 30th Goddess Puja: Sex Magic for Witches New Years!
Dec. 4 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45 (Last event of the year)
Jan. 17 Auditions and Open House for Tantra Theater Troupe 2011
March 4-6 Charles Muir's Art of Conscious Loving Weekend Level 1

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