Tuesday, October 19

Naked Tantra Theater at Tantra Palooza 10-10-10

One of the unexpected highlights of Tantra-Palooza 10-10-10 is that Tantra Theater spontaneously performed in the BUFF!
 The show started off fully clothed with scripted pieces. Shawn Roop played the Emcee and performed his personal narrative about how he overcame Jealousy at a 3 day love-in! This Beautiful outdoor stage provided a healing atmosphere for our sex-positive message. (The running joke is that it looks like we're performing at Summer Stock.)

Goddess Brande Faris opened the show with her sultry voice and original song, "Hello & Welcome to Tantra." Rita Mooney did her Monogamy monologue. Michael kept us laughing with his Eco-Elf comedy routine about vegetarianism and Keith Davis and Viraja PreMa closed the show with their Tantric Journey Rap.
Then we opened the stage to improvise personal narratives from the audience. And that's when Bodhi challenged Shawn with a story about when he was at a hedonistic nudist retreat. Rita and Kamala Devi are playing Canadian tantra teachers at club hedonism...
 Michael and Shawn are gay lovers while Kamala Devi  is being the temptress...
And of course every one's favorite Naked Oracle..."Oh, Great Oracle tell me why I can't concentrate when people around me are taking off their clothes..."
As usual, we close with an interactive Q & A from the Cast...The director's low light was concern for the safety of her performers as they were performing on a precarious stage, only slightly safer than performing on a picnic table above a pit of snakes. The highlight was having such a fun, open minded audience and performing in the context of a deep three day retreat.

For Hot Streaming video clips go to: http://www.tantratheater.tv/ 

The End.

P.S. Photos by Julie Kondor.

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