Tuesday, October 26

Radical Transparency on Thurs. & Goddess Puja on Sat.

I'm back from the eco-sexual symposium in Los Angeles.
I'm excited to share my vulnerable thoughts and practices with you this THURSDAY at the polypotluck, the topic of: RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. If I am going to walk-my-talk then I will take a moment to share with you what's been going on for me:

After our fabulously sweet, sensual & successful weekend at Tantra-Palooza, I've been wrestling with a flu-turned-cough and my body has been telling me to SLOW Down but like most people, I resist listening to my body when my heart and head are having sooo much fun. I feel I have so many lovers, friends, projects and some part of me belies that I am super-woman and can do everything, all the time. Does any of this sound familiar?

Fortunately for me, the next two events that I'm hosting are simple and actually NURTURE me. So I hope you'll join me for the casual and fun Poly Potluck on THURSDAY at 6:45pm. And all Goddesses are invited to join me for a Women's Puja on Saturday at 6:45pm (must RSVP with tantrikakalidas@gmail.com) Here's the scoop...

Halloween is Witche's new year, what better way to celebrate than Sex magic with your sisters! We'll start with some fun icebreakers, invoke Divine Guidance and share prayer, dancing, meditation, sensual touch, breath and energy within a sweet, sober and safe environment. The focus this evening is to do Sex magic to super-charge a goal for the new year.

We will be gathering at the Emerald Temple beginning at 6:45 pm. We will cast a circle by 7:30pm please do not come late. Women who arrive after 7:30 will not be admitted.

How to prepare:
Bring an Intention
One hand picked flower from your garden (or your neighbors)
Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel beautiful.
Eat a light meal before arriving, this is NOT a potluck.
Bring an open mind and heart!
There is no charge, but donations are graciously accepted to help pay for Kamala's time and space.
Kamala Devi
Oct. 28th Poly Potluck: Radical Transparency.
Oct. 30th Goddess Puja: Sex Magic for Witches New Years!
Nov. 4 Tantra Talk with Guest Speaker: Daka TJ Bartel 6:45
Nov. 6 Advanced Training for Sacred Sexual practitioners with TJ Bartel 1-6pm
Nov. 6 Sacred Snuggle and Potluck Party 6:45
Nov. 18 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Deborah Taj Anapol 6:45
Dec. 4 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45 (Last event of the year)
Jan. 17 Auditions and Open House for Tantra Theater Troupe 2011
March 4-6 Art of Conscious Loving with Leah Alchin & Charles Muir!

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