Sunday, October 17

Longing for the Beloved...

My beloved offers to kiss my yoni goodbye.
We only have a couple hours before he leaves on a trip oversees.
Tenderly, I admit that I can't enjoy the oral sex,
I'm too eager to feel him inside, and beg him to enter me.
Happy to oblige, he fills me with his light and devotion.
His ascending love ignites my raw hunger,
like a feline in heat
I rub against him,
and squeezing
until I lose myself
in a ferocious explosion.
Afterwards, I float back down to the bed sheets,
I burry my face in his chest, hiding my self judgment.
He listens in silence, like Shiva, as I confess:

"I want to love you the way God loves...
But when my body is around your body,
something happens in my chemistry and
I am possessed with this animal desire."

To which he smiles and asks:
"And who, my dear, do you think created animal desire?"

Now I'm missing my oversees lover.
I burn for his body and shameless wisdom.
I am perpetually longing for my beloved,
the way God yearns for her reflection.

Kamala Devi 10. 2010

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