Monday, November 9

Sacred Snuggles...dreams for next year.

Prrrrrrr. Ah. Yes. A dear friend sent me this spontaneous snapshot this morning. What a sweet memory of a wonderful series of events this weekend.
I'm taking some time now to reflect on our event calendar for 2010.  For over six months our sacred snuggle parties have featured  tantra theater improv.  We even started calling them Performance Art Potluck and Sacred Snuggle Parties.  But now that we have established recognition and have an interested fan club, it occured to me that the Tantra theater troupe has a much greater potential and I'm starting to vision monthly theater events that go on for over an hour. Also, I'd like to find a proper stage for the winter months.  I'll be brainstorming with the SD Tantra Theater Troupe until Jan. Let me know if you have any contacts, suggestions or ideas for regular performance art in San Diego. In the meantime, don't miss our next Performance Art Potluck and Sacred Snuggle Party on Dec. 5th
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