Wednesday, November 11

Audio Postcard: 10 Tips to Superboost Your Sex Life

Click Here to evesdrop on Kamala Devi and David Cates as they share 10 simple tips that will make you sexier starting NOW.

Sometimes improving our sex lives can be daunting. Mastery seems to take so much effort and practice! In this teleclass, we will share ten valuable, game-changing things you can do INSTANTLY that will noticeably boost the pleasure, power and intimacy you feel during sex.

10. Share something you've been withholding.

9. Make fantasy Sacred

8. Hang out in foreplay all day.

7 Align your intentions.

6. Drink more water. .

5. Work your PC Muscles.

4. Question your assumptions.

3. Expand your focus to your feet.

2. adore eachothers genitals!

1. Breathe.

David Cates and Kamala Devi will be offering a weekend intensive called Shadow Dancing in San Diego on Nov. 20-22nd. for details go to:

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