Monday, November 16

For Members Only!

Dear Members of BCU,

It has been six wild months since we started the University, and I am writing to announce a big change, which translates to another sweet opportunity for you! Thank you for being the pioneers who were willing to invest in my vision towards greater connection, depth and belongingness.

After much meditation and dialog, I have decided to discontinue our membership packages. I found that running my temple as a school presented time-consuming administrative work that detracted from my full expression. I now understand why so many spiritual seekers resist structure and agree that having an open door policy keeps things simple. So, starting this week we are no longer accepting any new members.

Of course, we still honor the terms of your current membership. If you were one of the original Beta members, your membership is ending this month. But if you signed up at Tantra Palooza, your Adept's membership is good through March.

In order to express our gratitude, we are offering you a last chance to upgrade to the "Master Level" at a deep discount. THIS WEEK ONLY, you can get the most out of Bliss Coach University by attending David Cates' Shadow Dancing workshop on Nov. 20-22 (normally $497) Now for only ($297). AND you will receive the following benefits until APRIL:
Monthly Potluck, Performance Art and Sacred Snuggle Parties (Regularly $30)
Monthly Tantra Talk and Poly Potlucks (Regularly $10)
Tantra Theater Performance and Comedy Improvisation Shows (Regularly $5-15)
A live monthly tele-class on a variety of tantric topics by a variety of teachers (regularly $30)
Private access to the members only page with past recorded classes
Exclusive deep discounts to other BlissCoach Events and Classes
BONUS: Free Private Bliss Coaching tele-session with Kamala Devi (Regularly $108)

Space is limited. Please RSVP NOW if you want to take advantage of this upgrade. 858-272-2254In the future, Bliss Coach University will be an online resource with a more developed video library and Tantra resources for worldwide seekers. Once I've freed up my creativity, I will be putting more energy into: Tantra Theater, How to Write a Book in 90 days, Erotic Way for Successful Tantra Teachers, Sisters in Truth, Partners in Truth, The Fundamentals of Free Love! I'm also excited to be hosting national guest speakers such as Dossie Easton the co-author of Ethical Slut, Carolyn Muir, Baba Dez Nichols, Reid Mihalko, Swami Beyondananda and many others!

With overflowing gratitude,
Kamala Devi
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