Tuesday, February 9

Why I can't wait for V-day to be over!

      If you are like me, you have mixed feelings about V-day. Personally, I both hate Valentines AND I heart it! This year marks my 8 year anniversary with Michael and as a relationship coach it is usually a busy work weekend. But the reason I resent the hallmark holiday is because I am bored by the cliche commercialism. As a tantrika I am constantly seeking outlets for nonconventional expressions of love...
     That's why on the weeked AFTER Valentiens, I've created a wild series of events with Dossie Easton, the queen of Radical relationships! No matter what kind of relationship your in (especially if you are single aka your own primary lover!) We invite you to join us on a fre'e POST valentines conference call with this witty sacred sex pioneer. She is one of the author's of the "Ethical Slut" which is a groundbreaking book that is actually considered the "bible" for responsible non-monogamous relationships.

(oops...please note the date and number correction!!!)
Time & Date: 1pm this Wed. 17th
Dial in Number: 760-569-6000

Access Code: 321357#
If you cannot make the call but are interested in listening to the audio recording, please write kamala@blisscoach.com.

After Valentines, A Wild Weekend Awaits...

Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton Fri. Feb. 19th 6:45 PB
Here's a unique opportunity to come meet and mingle with Dossie and other friends and lovers in the SD tantra community. This exciting event features: icebreakers, food, deep discussion, questions and answers. Only $15.00
The Poly Workshop with Dossie Easton Feb. 20th 1-6pm in PB

"The Ethical Slut" book is known around the world as the "poly bible." It has made life easier for so many tantric and poly people! In this deep workshop, Dossie will teach: negotiation, agreements, recognizing our own limits and respecting others. We'll also navigate the complex emotional realities of jealousy. Tuition: $129 (There is a $20 discount if you come for both days of the weekend or if there is more than one person coming from the same household. ) 

Radical Ecstasy Playshop with Dossie Sun. Feb. 21st 1-6pm in PB

Radical Ecstasy is tantra practice applied, or enhanced, with exercises taken from BDSM. The 5 hour work shop will include exchange of power, blindfolds, breathwork and role playing. All levels of experience are welcome. Dossie is an expert at helping people feel safe while taking huge risks! The presentation is all designed so that every participant can join in at their own comfort level, with every exercise. Regular price only $129. (There is a $20 discount if you come for both days of the weekend or if there is more than one person coming from the same household. )
About Dossie Easton:
An active sex radical since 1961, Dossie became a volunteer with San Francisco Sex Information, and subsequently served on their trainings staff, offered a sex talk radio show for three years, and earned a bachelor's degree in Human Sexuality. She trained as a therapist in a variety of environments, including ten years as a therapist in a psychiatric halfway house with a specialty working with abuse survivors. Currently she serves the poly community as a therapist in her private practice, and by supervising interns in training and offering trainings to professionals in how to work with the issues that may come up in poly families. She makes her home in the mountains north of San Francisco, travels around to teach at conferences all over the world, and spends her nonexistent free time hiking the hills declaiming filthy poetry to the vultures and hosting outrageous pajama parties. Dossie's Website: http://www.dossieeaston.com/index.html

Early Bird Special: Register now for Dossies wild weekend workshops and Save $20 dollars on Saturday and/or Sunday if you register and pay in full before valentines day. Regular fee is $129 for one day or $238 both days. Early Bird fee is Only: $109 for one day or $218 for both days. Offer Expires: Feb. 14, 2010.

Kamala Says: "It's my pleasure to introduce you to a powerful role model who has touched my life and I personally look forward to playing with you during this wild weekend!"

Calendar of Events: TONIGHT Feb. 9th, 6:45pm Tantra Talk (Sacred Sex Down Under)
Wed. Feb. 17th 1pm Fre'e Teleconference: Radical Relationship Fri. Feb. 19th, 6:45 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton
Sat. Feb 20th, 1-6pmEthical Slut with Dossie Easton
Sun. Feb. 21st, 1-6 Radical Ecstasy: BDSM Tantra with Dossie Easton
Wed. March 3rd, 6:45pm Free Open House for Artist way
Wed. March 6th 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party
Tues. March 9th 6:45pm Tantra Talk with Guest Speaker TBA
Tues. March 22nd 6:45 Poly Potluck with Kamala Devi
March 25-29th San Francisco DVD Release Party
Sat. April 3rd 6pm Performance Art Potluck & Sacred Snuggle Party
For details go to: http://www.partnerplayshop.com/event_calendar.html
For erotic edu-tainment go to http://www.tantratheater.tv/

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