Thursday, February 25

Seeking Stage Manager for Tantra Theater Company

WHO: We are a collective of about 10 teachers, healers, and performance artists that are not afraid to wrestle with issues of sexuality and spirituality on stage. We are looking for a open-minded and organized manager with creativity and vision!

WHAT: After a successful first year of performing monthly to the tantra community in my back yard in Pacific Beach, we're going pro. We have started a professional troupe and need a stage manager to help us continue monthly events in addition to special events.

WHEN: We are scheduled to perform the 3rd Saturday of every month.(Load in begins at 6pm and we break down by 10pm Our rehearsal schedule is 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:45pm-9pm (Rehearsals are not mandatory for stage manager.)

WHERE: Our new Downtown location is the bottom floor of the Ideal Hotel/Red Lotus Society is located at 546 3rd Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 We also plan to offer seasonal shows in other locations such as universities, conferences and festivals. (We have contacts in Sedona, New York and San Francisco.)

WHY: Our mission is to use performing arts to transmute sexual guilt, shame and/or fear into art, healing and liberation. We offer vulnerable and transformative theater to celebrate the presence of spirit in every aspect of life's drama.

HOW MUCH: Starting pay is $10 per hour (If you are experienced in marketing, we may work out a percentage of profits generated by online marketing.) You can expect your pay will grow as you help the company bring in more revenue.

We are looking for someone responsible for organizing the production, communicating between director, the crew, actors and all members of the team in order to keep everything running smoothly. Ideally you have strong written and verbal communication skills, are open minded about the spiritual/sexual industry and have time and flexibility in your schedule. Online Marketing, Internet, editing and research abilities are a plus.

Typical Duties include:
  • Managing Local PR
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Meeting with actors, designers, props and costume as well as managing the front of house staff.
  • Organizing props and set dressing, maintaining and replacing props and costumes as required
  • Supervising the load-in and load-out of curtains, sound and lights tidying up the props after the show.
  • Time Keeper - Wearing a watch, keep track of breaks and give people 5 minute warning with bell
  • Offering Directions - field telephone calls from anyone needing last minute directions ("I'm lost!")
  • Staff or take over the technical and lighting side of the production.
  • Cueing the technical crew to operate sound and lighting;
  • Managing the budget
  • Dealing with any emergencies!
Possible Duties may include:
  • Keeping the ‘prompt copy’ of the script: Record blocking, lighting cues, prop usage, costume changes and entrances of all the performers.
  • Possible assistance in set construction
  • Taking notes during rehearsals.
  • Taking photos or running a video camera
  • Database management
  • Event registration
  • Newsletters and flyer creation
  •  Occasionally cueing performers or guest speakers to go on stage;
  • Liaising with resident staff at other performance venues (if touring).
  • Supply food and snacks for sale at concessions stand
  • During the performance, a stage manager might also be responsible for scenery changes.
If your interested, please write with your resume and availability for a phone interview next week. In your email, please send Please send a photo with your relevant theater experience.


Monique said...

In my dreams...sigh :)
Sending you high vibrations of love that you will manifest the perfect fit.....AND that this position will be open when I finally get my butt to SD =)

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