Sunday, February 21

Poly Potluck with Dossie Easton

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Anonymous said...

hi there, i am sitting in my little cottage in ireland thinking what a sad lot you are in your sitting room. why don't you get out a bit. see the world and stuff, forget going up your own arses. it comes across as inhibited bliss to me. all i am left with is the dreary drapery you have hanging in the background of your playground. my curtains are from ghana , i got them there. my sari, pakistan skirting the taliban. geepers you guys need to see the world and quit believing you are it.

Anonymous said...

and when your out in the world, be out of your world, as this will create difference. trips for tips on your practise in down under and india , dont count. try other world views to brighten yours. try other endevours. try gardening, try visiting aids patients in botswana, try trips to the antarctic where no man survives, try algebra, try embroidery, try you know, anything outside of your boundary as thus we all grow. try mixing with people who arent confusing themselves with your brain. try anything except multiple sex what you do best. try and multipy your terrain. try not be you. says me. try an Alternative Lifestyle to find the alternatives for life.