Wednesday, February 17

Cobra Paying Homage to Lord Shiva

WHO: Priest opened the sanctum doors at about 10:30 AM and went to fetch water.At that time he noticed a Cobra descending from the Temple Vilva (Bilva) tree, carrying a Vilva leaf in its mouth. It entered the Sanctum of Sivalinga, went around the Vigraha, and dropped the leaf on top of the Linga. Then they saw the same being repeated one more time, carrying a Vilva leaf and putting it on the Siva Linga.

WHAT: The Naga Serpent has been regularly visiting the Siva Idol for the last three solar eclipses.He immediately called Mr. Thenappan the photographer, who lives in Thrunagesvaram a kilometer from this village. Meantime a dozen or more people, including my house caretaker, had assembled to witness this miracle. In front of their eyes the Naga went back to the Vilva tree, plucked the leaves, and came back all the way to drop it on the Siva Linga. All these have been photographed by Mr. Thenappan (photos received directly from the photographer annexed).

WHEN: Miracle occured on January 15, 2010 - Solar Eclipse day[Translation]

WHERE: Famous Temple for Sri Viswanatha at Thepperumanallur near Kumbakonam, Dinamalar-News in Dinakaran

WHY:The Priest explained "It is doing the archana during the Solar Eclipse time to wash off its sins".

P.S This email was translated from Tamil and sent to me by Goddess Rina Daly-Goode in LA with the following signature quote:
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --Albert Einstein

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