Saturday, February 6

In Search of Poly Photos and Open Art

There is a fantastic scene in the film, "The Secret" where a single man is advised that if he wants to attract a woman in his life he should upgrade the art in his house so that it is more romantic and not so lonely.
     According to the law of attraction, it would follow, that if I want to attract a more solid lover into my open marriage, I should surround myself with art that is inviting to to a triad. The problem is, this kind of art is rare. We are bombarded with dyads. The media is brainwashing us to think that romance looks like two hearts, two pillows, two cars, his-and-her-matching bathroom sets.
     This Valentines, I'm on a quest to find fabulous portrayals of poly pods. Threesomes, four-ways and entire constellations of friends and lovers. And if I can't find quality portrayals of open relationship ... I'm going to make my own. I hereby invite my artistic and open minded friends to help me co-create poly photos, multiple partnered paintings and even threesome theater! Maybe we'll take over the halls of a local museum with our artistic reflections of open Relationships!
     By Kamala Devi
Tues. Feb. 9th, 6:45pm Tantra Talk (Topic: Sacred Sex Down Under)
Fri. Feb. 19th, Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Dossie Easton (Author of Ethical Slut)
Sat. Feb 20th, 2010 Ethical Slut with Dossie Easton 1-6pm
Sun. Feb. 21st, 2010 Radical Ecstasy: BDSM Tantra with Dossie Easton
Wed. March 3rd, 6:45pm Free Open House for Artist way!
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