Tuesday, July 19

European Summer Vacation with my Poly Pod

I'm flying to Europe for a month, I'm taking my son and several poly lovers and we're going on a European adventure. We're starting at the Free Love commune in Germany: 
Next we're off to the Alps to vision a charter for our own commune.
Then off to the Italian Riviera to practice sex magic.  
I'll be doing a video blog about my adventures http://uninhibitedbliss.blogspot.com/
I look forward to connecting again at the end of August. 

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events when I return to San Diego

Thurs. Aug 25 Poly Potluck 6:45p
Tues. Aug 30 Tantra Theater Auditions and Free open house 6:45pm
Sat. Sept. 3 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45p
Tues. Sept 13 Tantra Talk 6:45p
Sat. Oct. Advanced Sensual Play Party 6:45p
11/11/11 Tantra Palooza!Weekly blog updates: www.TantraTheater.TV
Dec. 8, 9th "Sack" Religious Holidiay Show 7p

Love you,

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