Sunday, August 8

Sacred Snuggle Party in Aug.

     This photo shows about half the attendance of last nights sweet summer snuggle party. I want to know, do you think it's possible that every one of these events could be "the best ever?" Or is that just a function of it's participants living in the moment? It is not uncommon for me to receive glowing emails the day after these gatherings from newbies who want to share with me about the "first" time they got to eye gaze with someone of the same sex, or a massage from the six handed goddess, or had a whole body orgasm while fully clothed. However, it is extraordinary to have so many veteran attendees and even fellow teachers agree that event was the best yet.
     Traditionally, at the end of every Snuggle Party, we do a closing circle wherein we share the evening's highs and lows. My personal high-light was the intensity and depth with which I connected with several amazing snugglers, yet my low-light was that I missed connecting with all the other beautiful beings. In the spirit of "leave 'em wanting more" this just means I look forward to future connections.  Unfortunately, (due to Burning Man) we wont be hosting a Sacred Snuggle Party in September, so my dance card will just have to wait until Oct. 2nd. If you can't wait to connect before then, I hope you'll join me for these upcoming events:
Aug. 12 Tantra Talk: Sexual Creativity 6:45
Aug. 13 Bisexual Women's Circle 6:45
Aug. 26 How to write a book Tele-class 1pm
Aug. 21 Tantra Theater Show: What's your Story? Downtown 7:30
Aug. 22nd Tantra Theater Matinee at the Emerald Temple 2pm
10-10-10 Tantra Palooza: 10 Teachers share on Shamanism
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