Thursday, August 12

Taste a Tantra Puja in 7 min.

This is NEW video footage of a deep intimate ritual Francois's Puja at Tantra-Palooza last year.
This is a monumental moment for me. This video is my imperfect attempt to share a sacred ritual that is the foundation of my spiritual path: My mentor and friend, Francoise facilitated this puja to about 60 people at the opening ceremony of Tantra Palooza last year.
I wrestled with my demons about whether or not to "put it out there," but decided I am willing to be judged, misunderstood and even misrepresented in the name of education and enlightenment.

Ultimately, there is no way to know the potential of puja until one experiences it first hand, however, many people don't get the information they need to make their own decisions, because there is so much mystic and mis-information about what Tantra actually is.
Imagine an opulent tantra tent was brimming with beautiful friends and lovers who were dancing in the sacred geometry of a large circle or "chakra" for several timeless hours. However, since only 5 of those tantrikas including me, were comfortable on camera, the video is a very narrow slice of the evening. Thank you to Allen, SaRina Daly-Goode, Robert Silber, and Monique Darling for representing so authentically. Click Here to see the Video.

This is how Francoise describes a puja: In the west, a puja is a celebration of the interplay between Divine male and Divine female energy. Men and women rotate at each exercise. The focus is on honoring and recognizing the highest aspect of each individual. Love, respect and reverence are essential in creating the puja atmosphere. Exercises will vary from eye gazing to nurturing touch, they will include movement, dancing, laughing and sensual moments. A puja is a fun, safe and sensual way to connect, touch and be touched from the heart space. It is the perfect ritual to begin a journey of self discovery with a group of like minded people. For more info. Contact Francoise at

Let me know how you like it,

Kamala Devi


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm attending my first Puja tomorrow evening and was wondering what to expect. It may not be quite like yours but this is a beautiful thing. Even just taking the time to look into the eyes of the other participants and share recognition of the divinity that resides in each would be great...the contact and touch, mingling of auras must be awesome. Namaste.

Richie Benaud said...

Very informative, really enjoyed reading it.

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