Thursday, August 26

For Writers Only: Audio Recording of Top 10 Tips...

Kamala Devi offers 10 of her most powerful writing practices in this fun introduction to her upcoming class: How to write a book in 90 days. Her teachings are based on successful coaching strategies, proven writing technologies, and spiritual principle!

"I've done it for two of my own books, and helped dozens of students become authors within record time and minimal cost."
Dear soon to be Authors- Tired of talking about a great book idea that never actually makes it onto paper? Do you want to experience the excitement, accomplishment and prestige of completing a book? Even if you're a complete novice and have no formal writing training, Kamala Devi will coach you through her proven formula.

Join me for this FREE tele-class to see if you have what it takes to finish your book before the Holidays 2010!"

Dear Writer,
No matter what type of book you want to create, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, I'll guide you step-by-step to turn your dream into a reality. My students learn to tap into their spiritual inspiration and channel more in three month than most authors do in a whole year... all while working from the comfort of home!
What makes me so sure I can show you how to write a book in 90 days?
Because I've not only done it for my own books: Don't Drink the Punch and Sacred Sexual Healing, but I've helped dozens of other authors -- many of them first-timers -- turn their ideas into books (read on for proof.)
In college I learned to write quickly because I was a playwright. Like Shakespeare in Love, I had a whole team of actors and directors breathing down my neck to get my pages finished. Then, I went to India and got clear calling to write a novel. But I didn't know the first thing about how to write a book.
Yet I knew I had a message I wanted to share with others, so I went to every crash course I could on how to write, edit and publish a book. The classes were depressing and discouraging. The process seemed arduous and hopeless.

I was desperate to learn a NEW way to write, so I began combining technical writing tools, with tantric principles and quantum physics...

Almost immediately my book was born! And as I told my friends and lovers about my discoveries, they started using my methods and they experienced nearly overnight success.
Essentially, the formula involves dedicating yourself to write the book in the shortest amount of time. First we begin by visioning and structuring, channeling and downloading then refining and polishing.
To motivate yourself to write book, you restructure your time management, tell everyone you know that you're doing it, and show up to bi-weekly accountability calls. All I ask is that you devote no more than 10 hours per week.

I've been testing and tweaking this 90 day (3 month) class for the last five years and have had amazing results! In just three months, We will cram everything you need to know to Write, Edit, Publish, and Sell, your book in the shortest possible time, be it fiction or non-fiction. One of the biggest benefit of this course is simply surrounding yourself in a like-minded community of talented writers who all want to see you succeed!

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Write On,
Kamala Devi


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