Monday, January 5

Happy New Year!

Kamala Devi smiles when looking back at 2008, and cries when she thinks of the infinite possibilities of 2009!

Friends and Lovers,

After a life-time of loathing the over commercialized stress of christmanukkah, I'm finally feeling empowered enough to infuse the "holy-days" with my own meaning. Thus, December was a wild reclamation of personal truth and free-expression in Big Bear, Joshua Tree and Julian!

Reflecting on 2008, I'm most proud of the Summer Solstice Book Release party and Variety Show which boasted of over 130 people in our backyard. Michael is surprised by how much gratification he got from building the stage, tantra tent and growing his first organic garden in our front yard. Among Devin's Echo's many incredible accomplishments, we want to note his non-speaking roles on the Tyra Banks show, Inside Edition and several independent documentaries.

Some of the lowlights of the year were, battling the residual vestiges of postpartum depression, my grandfather's transition into the light, and the loss of each moment in which I held back my love out of fear of intimacy.

This year we intend to show our love with fierce abandon. Michael and I are birthing a new Troupe of Tantra Theater performers to grace the stage in our back yard. Also, Michael's building a sacred sweat lodge to deepen his shamanic practice and I'm writing a new book with REiD Mihalko, Free Love, Can You Really Afford it? Devin's goal is to have a terrific time in his "terrible" two's. Wish us luck.

We hope this year gives birth to your wildest dreams! Let us know what they are and how we can help you manifest them!


Kamala Devi, Michael and Devin Echo

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