Friday, January 9

# 1

Your head on my pillow, finally rests after three days of passionate ego storms since we first met. Love vs. Fantasy. The winds of naked, risk-all romantic possibility ripped through my canyon leaving me wet, baptized and hungry for more. Though future hurricane forecasts are unknowable, nature always prevails.

During my wild New Years escapades with the FreedomCommunity in Joshua Tree, I took an informal workshop with a budding creativity coach Tatyana Brown and she introduced me to Flash Fiction: Mini- Sagas. Or 50 word stories. It's a wonderful new form.and as I write, I have to remind myself it's all about practice. Here's my first week of raw and random stories:

They already know. I rationalize. Why state the obvious? They've pretended their little boy will outgrow his social deviance for over twenty years now. Meanwhile, my boyfriend's sick of being regarded as my roommate. He deserves his proper title. Aha! Maybe a wedding invitation will say it all for us.

She wore an amputated cervix from after her second birth. The day they cut the cancer off, she finally felt free from her childhood abuse, but doctors left doubt inside. Could she ever enjoy pressure, pleasure, passion again? Until, tonight. It melted. By my lightning touch, she became whole.

Mamma commanded me to guard her bath when a Shiva returned from battle calling her name. I drew my sword and lost my head. My useless body crumpled to earth. Inconsolable, she cursed him for killing his own son. With an elephants head I was resurrected and pronounced lord Ganesha.

The farmer felt spited by a defective daughter with three boobs. Yet she knew in her marrow the defect would dissolve upon meeting her love. Shunned to the villiage outskirts, she was the first to spot the skyclad sadhu enrout to teach the elders of God's sick sense of humor.

If you are interested in this form read the following rules, or go to the google group called min sagas and contact Tatyana Brown.

1. Write longhand, 5 words a line, 10 lines down

2. Not titles, but numbers for each day.

3. Take a vacation and get as far away from your everyday life as possible.

4. Use your senses.

5. Start in the middle.

REMEMBER: A "story" counts as some kind of character for the reader to identify with, and some kind of transition. Thank you Tatyana!

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