Tuesday, June 1

Is Tantra Theater Dead?

We're still ALIVEand Kicking, but...

...but we're in "Transition."
Recently published author, Shawn Roop jokingly defined the term "Transition" as a New Age code used by people who are afraid of "Change" and "Death."

But we're not afraid to admit Tantra Theater is going through serious growing pains as we graduate old troupe members. We are also mourning the death of Dick Dialogues (apparently the topic was so confronting that only a handful of radical artists were brave enough to audition, so we're laying the idea to rest, until it's ready to rise again;)

Many people say that theater is dead. They tell me that I should put my creative energy into film, TV, and the internet. Maybe they're right: performance art died with the sexual revolution of the late 60's & 70's. But isn't that all the more reason to show up and support the arts now?

If you're a sacred sexual visionary like us, and you want to see more live erotic art-- in the flesh, I hope you'll join our revolution.
Sooo, which invitation calls to you?

 WEB UPDATE: We've posted 8 new streaming videos from our last scripted show "Shamanic Storytelling" Check it out and if you like something you see, help us spread the word.

Warm Hugs,
Kamala Devi

P.S. See you soon!

  • For details go to: http://www.TantraTheater.TV or www.kamaladevi.com

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