Thursday, June 24

Tantra Theater Travel Show Shots

Travel Guides: Michael McClure, Rita Mooney, Shawn Roop and Kamala Devi took an open minded audience of about 45 people on a wild wacky adventure during June's Tantra Theater Show.
One of our favorite detours was to visit the oracle where these three heads merged to answer deep spiritual questions from the audience.
In devotion to Michael's Crazy Wisdom, Rita prostrates to the feet of a Nazi Guru...and yes, that is her tongue you see.
One of the audience suggestions for Tantra Cafe was "Boobs" In this scene, Kamala's deadly ta-tas kill AmRita and threaten Shawn and Michael.
Kamala interviews birthday boy Hercules "The Pleasure Coach" about an Alaskan tantric adventure that involved a nude encounter with a grizzley bear.  

The tantra theater troupe plays back Herc's adventure...but Shawn decides to show his Grizzley pubic hair instead of going totally bare.

In another tantric adventure Kamala becomes the white mountains and Shawn is a scientist who explores the terrain.
Special Thanks to the cast and crew for making it yet another unforgettable evening! Special thanks to Monique and Nate Darling for making it down from Utah to be a part of the fun!

Kudos to Adam our handsome CrewMan who works lights and sound!

 ...And to Goddess Tracey who was an official photographer along side Julie Kondor...Thanks for making the evening so memorable!
We Only have two more shows in this great location. Mark your calendar for July 17th and Aug. 21st! See you at the Theater!
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