Thursday, July 1

How do you love thyself? Let me count the ways...

     The greatest paradox of being a self help teacher is that I am surrounded by perfectly imperfect people who are striving to heal, grow, and change. So many magnificent beings feel they are not good enough. They beat themselves up for every minor imperfection. They don't trust their inner guru. Some are so busy looking for external approval that they don't even see the love of their life, waiting to be noticed-- in the mirror.

     Do any of these conditions sound familiar? Yes, I'm talking about you, me, and all of human nature. Personally, I tend to get down on myself because my spelling sucks, I have strong body odor, and my yoga practice isn't what it was. Yet I persist in sending out these typo-ridden monthly newsletters, hosting intimate gatherings without perfume and I trust someday I'll align my asanas practice again.

     It's so easy to see patterns in others. As a relationship coach it is painfully obvious how most sex problems stem from lack of self love. And in tantra theater, there would be no self expression if it weren't for self confidence. That is why, I teach artists, and clients that Self love is like a star with the following five points. How brilliant is your star?

1. SELF WORTH- Put yourself first. Do you value your needs above all else, do you prioritize "me" time?

2. SELF NURTURING- You deserve the best. Do you have fun alone? How can you take better care of yourself?

3. SELF EMPATHY- Listen. Get in touch with your feelings. Trust your intuition. Consult yourself. Do you journal?

4. SELF EXPRESSION -What bold and vulnerable thing would you share if you the fear rejection weren't holding you back?

5. SELF ACCEPTANCE- You are human. Can you forgive yourself for doing the best you can with the resources you have?

     I hereby declare July to be Self Love month! Sure, every month, day, and minute is a new opportunity to love thy self, but research tells us that it takes about a month to create a new habit.

     Since Tantra teacher, actor, friend Shawn Roop recently released a new book: Pathways to love: 28 days to self love, he will be the guest speaker at the next tantra talk on the 15th and we've decided to dedicate an entire Tantra Theater show to Self Love on the 17th. (The first 28 people to buy tickets get a Free book.)

     I'm also excited to announce a weekend intensive that is all about YOU. Quodoshka is a shamanic approach to sacred sexuality that will be held at a private home in Escondido. My beloved and I plan to attend and hope you will join us on this adventure. Please contact Mukee Okan (602.482.9691) for details.

     Whether or not you're able to join us for one of these phenomenal events, I hope you love yourself with reckless abandon. You Deserve it!

Love you,
Kamala Devi

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