Sunday, July 4

Sacred snuggle: Let Freedom Ring!

     We rang in independence day 2010 during the midnight closing circle after our Sacred Snuggle Party. This 4th of July is special to me because it marks the 4 year anniversary owning the Emerald Temple where we host these magical monthly events.
     This evening was unique for several reasons.It started a bit late because of the holiday traffic and parking issues, but the quality of the potluck and conversation was unparalleled. We shared many rich and beautiful memories including some dramatic"butt bongo" to Micky Hart's Drumming CD.
     As the hostess, I'm always content to see a room full of responsible sensualists who taking care of themselves. When I'm not too busy "holding space" I have the luxury of observing my own process. And though I've facilitated almost 50 snuggle parties since we've bought this home, I still have my own "stuff" that occasionally comes up.
     At one point early in the evening, I watched a beautiful man and woman becoming intimate and felt myself contract, feeling left out. I wanted to be closer to them and feel what they are feeling, but thought they might prefer being left alone. Then I took a few breaths and asked if I could join them. And not only did they welcome me in, but they were grateful that I shared my process with them. I'm so blessed to be maintaining a space where conscious people can come together and accept everything that arises in the process and practice of being human. My highest intention in throwing these events is not only emotional freedom so that we are no longer run by guilt, fear and shame, but ultimately sexual liberation.
      My highlight of the evening was when the newbie's reported feeling empowered by the opportunity to practice asking for what they really want, and being clear about their personal boundaries. One participant wrote me this morning: "Thanks for another wonderful snuggle party, each one is new and unique in its own way. The energy is always wonderful."
     Next month I'll be celebrating the summer by offering two Sacred standard snuggle party on Aug. 8th. and one advanced Sacred Sexual Play Party on Aug. 14th. This event is by invitation only, so if your interested, please email me about your tantra experience at play parties: I look forward to snuggling with you again soon!
Love, KD or call 858-272-2254
July 8-11 Quodoshka Weekend Retreat!
July 15 Tantra Talk (Shawn Roop) 6:45
July 17 Tantra Theater Show Downtown7:30
July 22 Poly Potluck 6:45pm
Aug. 7 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45
Aug. 12 Tantra Talk: Sexual Creativity 6:45
Aug. 13 Bisexual Women's Circle 6:45
Aug. 14 Advanced Sacred Play Party 6:45 (Invite Only)
Aug. 19 How to write a book Tele-class 1pm
Aug. 21 Tantra Theater Show: What's your Story?
10-10-10 Tantra Palooza: 10 Teachers share on ShamanismFor details go to: blog updates: erotic edu-tainment go to:
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