Monday, July 12

Learning about the birds and the bees...

Here is a happy bunch of guinea pigs. We spent the weekend in a pilot course called the "Quodoshka Intensive" guided by two wise and wonderful women: Mukee Okan and Amara Charles. With well over 20 years experience in the "sweet medicine path" these women were called to offer an exceptional two day training which combined some of their favorite teachings from the Q1.

Some benifits from attending this expiriment include:
A multidimensional understanding of our orgasmic potential
A deep appreciation of the variety of human body types
A direct experience of sexuality as a natural human gift.

Human sex is very different from that of birds and bees...among other distinctions, it can include language, romance, and all kinds of social programming. It also has the potential to catalyze, passion, love, health, magic and a deeper connection to God. This weekend was dedicated to celebrating and integrating our animal body with our divine nature.

Help us vision a world where every teenager gets this kind of training as a rite of passage when they move through puberty. Imagine the safety and sweetness of a world where we are empowered to our potential as lovers.  Aho!
For more details about Amara Charles go to: tp:// and
 Mukee Okan:
Or for a calendar of tantra events in San Diego go to:

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Amara Charles said...

Thanks Kamala,
It was fantastic to meet and share such intimate and loving time with you and Michael. Thanks for introducing us to your amazing community. I wish you all the best.

Blessed Beauty Way Vow

Great Spirit, may I walk in Beauty!
May Beauty be above me,
So that I may be a part of the Greater Beauty.
Great Spirit, may I walk in Beauty.

May I touch my self, life and all others with Beauty.
May I walk this Blessed Beauty Way.
Great Spirit, may I walk in Beauty.

Excerpt from 'Song of the Deer' by Thunder Strikes and Jan Osiri

Amara Charles