Thursday, July 8

Bonus Joke reel from Kamala and Reid's new DVD

"Earning your BLACKBELT in Relationship" has never been so much FUN! To purchase the complete DVD go to:

Get Intimate Power Now by learning 10 Secret Exercises of Ethical Non-Monogamous Ninjas. Never has working on your love life been more fun or insightful than in this playful DVD! Two powerful (and humorous) sex and relationship experts join forces to teach you black belt-level secrets. These communication techniques, tips and tricks could make a Ninja swoon! Kamala and Reid teach powerful but simple exercises gleaned from years of successfully navigating several relationships at once! Whether you're polyamorous, monogamous, single, or beyond labels, you are bound to become a better lover from watching this DVD. Watch this DVD and stop getting your ass kicked in your relationships!

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