Tuesday, July 20

The Self Love Show & Book Release Party Review with Photos

      At the beginning of every show, the cast gathers in sacred circle to call in muses and dedicate the show to a higher power. This month we called in the self. It's a pretty standard practice to call on ones "higher self" and intend to align with our divine expression...we've all done this before. The challenge is to embrace the small self.  To honor and trust that whatever we say or do is in fact perfect and though we may be able to do better in the future, we are always doing the best we can in the moment.
     This is the spirit with which we began the SELF LOVE SHOW on July 17th, 2010. With over 108 people in the house, we set a new record for Audience attendance.
     Here Kamala Devi introduced the cast of Tantra Theater: From Left to Right: Michael McClure, Keith Davis, Wayne Acciacca, Rae NewWoman, Viraja PreMa, Brande Feris, Akasha Rose, Rita Mooney, Keith Davis and our recently published author, Shawn Roop.

     We began by interviewing and spoofing the new Author of "Pathways to Love: 28 days to Self Love."
     In this photo you see that we gave away 28 books to the first people who bought tickets for the show. Kamala also interviewed Shawn's beautiful roommates Tracey and Beth, asking them what it was like to live with Shawn while he was writing the book.
     This evening was also unique because it was an initiation for six new Tantra Theater players to do public performance alongside our professional troupe. Here is a picture of Kamala Introducing the newbies:
     We then called on audience members to select a series of improvisational theater games. And we asked for tantric suggestions and had to work themes like: Virgins, videography, Kama Sutra, Editor, Zimbabwe.

     Since we do not censor ourselves in this practice many of our scenes break cultural taboos and speak the unspeakable as you can see in this homoerotic scene between two brothers.

     Alexandra from the audience came up to share a story about Self Love so that we could act it out onstage. Nobody in the cast had ever heard the marvelous story of how Alexandra had an unassisted home birth.
      Rita then stepped onstage to portray her like a caged cougar pacing a new apartment while the father of the baby slept by the tub. Her Brother then showed up to photograph while neighbors peeped in through missing curtains. Within 5 hours, Michael slipped right out from between Rita's legs and Her higher self showed up for spiritual support. Alexandra said afterwards that it was a very healing experience to watch and she said she never felt so heard!

     During the second act, we shared three scripted personal narratives. Rae NeWoman wrote and performed a hilarious original song about a massage therapist who is unsatisfied with the traditional ending of the healing and uses tantra to create lasting satisfaction for herself and her clients.

     Viraja PreMa shares a different type of healing session in which she shape shifts into a man and explores the need to have one's seed seen, celebrated and accepted.
     Finally the show closes with a sensual  Tori Amos inspired song written with tantric lyrics and sung by the stunning priestess Brande Feris.
      We hope you'll join us for our next Big show, the last official Tantra Theater Show for the Season: What's Your Story? on Aug. 21st go to http://www.tantratheater.tv/ for details.

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