Wednesday, July 14

Sneak Peek of Tantra Theater...

Tantra theater took a field trip to the beach yesterday. If we knew it was going to be the first sunny day of the summer, we would've worn our bathing suits instead of the everyday casual wear you see here. :)
     We are beginning promotions for our next and final show of the season. As a bonus to our performance at "The Self Love Show and book release party!" this Saturday, we will be offering a sneak preview of 3 powerful scripted pieces that were developed during the development of our next show entitled "What's Your Story?"
     Rae NeWoman is doing a powerful narrative about a massage therapist who laments that her formal training didn't teach her how to conduct satisfying endings. Virja PreMa shares a vulnerable narrative of how one client overcomes sexual addiction and learns to accept himself. And Brande' sings a burlesque ditty about the wonders of mutual orgasm.
      Additionally all nine performers will be making a guest appearance during our improvisation. We welcome Keith, Wayne, Brande', Akasha Rose, Viraja PreMa, and Rae NeWomanto take a maiden voyage onstage at the Red Lotus Society/ Ideal Hotel Downtown San Dieg. To get discounted tickets go to:
See you at the Theater!
Kamala Devi
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