Wednesday, June 9

New Poly Personals Website.

Here's a FREE invitation to join this exciting new Poly Website. I want to support more loving connections so I recommend you set up your own account for no charge. When I created my own personal ad. I was excited to see they are asking for specifics of city, smoking, dating and sexual status but don't know how affective their algorythms are until they get enough players. I recommend that everyone go on and start a free account. Following is the invitation. Scroll down to see my new ad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Organizer;

I wanted to inform you that is NOW open! As people say, when there is one good news, there is also ...more. For the first 100 registrations, all those will be considered as coming from polyamorous members. Therefore, they will be
automatically upgraded to full membership. This registration code is: 1334

Do not hesitate to spread the word to your polyamorous friends. In the meantime, enjoy the site, and have
a very nice time in your new City.
About me:

I'm a beautiful bisexual woman (35)who is in a spiritual open marriage with a sexy surfer and environmentalist(40's). I'm seeking, friends, associates and lovers who enhance my household and our abundant and active poly tribe. I'm into deep romantic and meaningful relationships as well as wild hot connections. We are international Poly advocates who travel frequently, but live by the beach in San Diego. We are free agents who date together or apart and are looking for meaningful relationships with sexy spirits to join us in dance, prayer, meditation, theater, yoga, jogging, making love and stimulating conversation (not necessarily in that order.) Are you interested?  


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