Wednesday, September 15

Burning Man: A a wet & lucid dream...

Do not adjust your computer screen. What you are seeing is real. Michael is wearing a skirt. I'm dawning leopard print lingerie with sneakers and Reid Mihalko has a silicone dildo strapped to his head like a horn. His pink sparkly tee shirt reads "My little Porn-icorn." We're at Burning Man, an Art Festival where sexual liberation reigns supreme. Believe it or not, this is a typical scene from Black Rock Desert and this photo was taken no more than an hour after we arrived. Reid may even be drinking Coffee with Baily's in that little brown cup with a piss yellow string.
This is my third time , and If I had to sum up the experience up in a sentence I would call it a wet and lucid dream. Writing this blog is analogous to doing dream work: elusive, symbolic, deeply revealing and perhaps even prophetic. I don't have the band-with to share all the mind-blowing details, but I'll share some highs and my lows.
BM is a participatory experience, so one of my most memorable moments was spontaneously offering a bondage ceremony for a beautiful couple who've been married for 20 years. We did a symbolic and sensual "knot tying" ritual at on the first story of the Man while hundreds of burners walked past and took pictures, fed us frozen mangoes, and offered their social commentary.
In the picture above, Janos meditates on his heart strings. In the photo below, I am modestly covering the couples private parts, but I am deeply involved in my craft, I'm not enjoying this part at all. :-D
After the ties were complete, Janos went down a full flight of stairs with Sara strapped to his back. Here you see Michael assisting in his little blue dress. Afterwards, we did a beautiful cord cutting ceremony on ground level. Leaving only the bonds of unconditional love.
On Saturday, the day of the burn our little artistic tribe gathered to perform Tantra Theater in the open air stage at sacred spaces village. 

With virtually no rehearsal and tons of last minute technical difficulties, this artistic fiasco challenged my artistic standards. The players, and audience all enjoyed it, but my director-identity got caught in a self-defeating spiral. In my frustration said I would NEVER do TT on the playa again, but since the Mayan's say time will end in 2012, perhaps we should try it then. 
My favorite part of our little show was watching Michael and Janos improv. a scene "But I'm not Gay", both using the full Monty instead of any fake props. And Kudos to Swami-G-Spot for wearing a big black tuxedo and managing to pull a circus out of his penis in this midday heat.
The crowning highlight of this big adventure lies in the deepening relationships. Time and Space are more fluid on the playa. Bonding with someone for just a few hours can equate to months worth of connection in the relative world. I'm most grateful for the deep and sweet connections with all my friends and lovers, you know who you are.
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Anonymous said...

Nice! nicely shared, nicely written, nicely photoed!

Anonymous said...

What a great Burning Man story! Thanks for sharing it. =] I didn't spend as much time at Sacred Spaces as I would have liked - next year. =]

One minor constructive criticism: the Mayan calendar in no way ends in 2012, it's simply the the start of the next (14th of 20) b'ak'tun, a period of about 394.3 years. So the date as written in Mayan base 20 notation will change from to (and then the next day and so on).

Although one might think it's harmless to choose to ignore this fact and continue to allow the spread of misinformation about the Mayan calendar, the truth I think we can all agree trumps. Plus, this may feed into a kind of cult of destruction. Why not focus on our collective deeper yearning for meaningful change through positive transformation, not catastrophe? Just sayin'! =]

What I've written is verifiable here:

Although Wikipedia is not an academic source, this article is extremely well researched and references the appropriate scholarly works such that anyone taking the time can completely fact check what I've written, leaving no room for serious disagreement. The only real academic debate that comes into play here is a difference of +/- 1 day for the start of the calendar, which does not affect the above.

Peace and love to you all and much luck in the good work you do!

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