Wednesday, September 22

Live Streaming Video of Sacred Sex Conference in NYC

Friends, Lovers and Fans who don't live in NYC will be able to tune in to watch your presentation LIVE from anywhere they can get online.

It is my pleasure to announce a partnership between the Sacred Sexuality Round-Up with internet broadcasting company, QUEST.TV. The "Sacred Sexuality Round-Up" in NCY will be Streaming Live on the internet, Sept 24 - 26.
If you want to see the full schedule of presentations, please go to
 or Please visit this link
Schedule of presentations by Kamala Devi:

"A Taste of Tantra Theater"
Date: Saturday Sept. 25th Time: 2-2:40pm

Tantra Theater will be opening for the Triple Goddess Puja with a special guest appearance from Swami G Spot.

Date: Sat. Sept. 25th Time: 8pm-Midnight

Conscious Loving Couples Panel
Date: Sunday, Sept. 26 Time 12-1pm

"Your Own Tantra Theater Experience!"
Date: Sunday, Sept 26th Time: 2-3:30pm Cost: $25 per person

"Tantra Theater Playshop"
Date: Monday, Sept. 27th Time: 7pm-10pm at Sexy Sprits.
If you want to see the Quest.TV site that we've got up right now for the conference,
Please visit this link

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