Thursday, September 30

Your 3 Free Online Gifts For Tantra-Palooza

To Celebrate Tantra-Palooza's weekend Festival is almost here, I am inviting everyone to share in the energy by offering these teachings. This week ONLY. Click Here to enjoy:

1) Devi's "Shimmering Truth" on streaming video.

2) David Cates's Sexual Shamanism 60 min. Tele-class (Posted Below)

3) Francois Ginsberg giving a Taste of a Tantra Puja.
Kamala Devi

Now imagine yourself on a 11 acre healing retreat inside an opulent tantra tent dancing, meditating, chanting, eating, sleeping, dreaming and awakening with 64 sexy spirits over the following days:
2010 Tantra-Palooza
Schedule of Sacred Sexual Shamans

*** Friday Oct. 8th***
Sensual Puja with Francoise

**** 10/9/10 SATURDAY****
Shamanic Journey with Shawn Roop
Tracking Destiny with Katie Weatherup
Energetic Sex with Reid Mihalko
Tantra Theater Show with Shawn Roop, Viraja Ma, Rae NeWoman, Brande Faris, Rita Mooney, Keith Davis and Michael McClure
Sacred Sensual Play Party with Kamala Devi

*****10/10/10 SUNDAY****
Erotic Trance Ceremony with Jaiya Ma
Shamanism, Conscious Sensuality and Community with Robert Silber
Ordinary Magic with David Cates
Tibetan Bowls with Damien Rose
Trance Dance with Ariel White

**** 10/11/10 MONDAY****
Sacred Shaman Sexuality with Kirin Khalsa
Closing ceremony with Kamala Devi and all 10 teachers!

An immersive community experience with 75 sexy spirits
all gathered into one natural retreat center outside San Diego, CA!
Space is Limited. To Register write
or go to:
Kamala Devi

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