Friday, September 17

Trust Based Relationship Talk with Kelly Bryson & Tory Blue

     This Month's Poly Potluck explored a whole new paradigm for relating called: Trust Based Relationships or TBR with Bryson and Blue. "TBR is based on Trust, Transparency, NVC, Conscious Intention Setting, Natural Giving, Release and choicefullness instead of Agreements, Expectations, Coercion, Traditional Roles, and Control."
     During this authentic exploration of new culture Kelly Bryson offered many tips on how to create and maintain transparent communities. My personal highlight is when he referenced an energy field which is co-created by the attention and consciousness of everyone in the room. He labeled this group mind: "Fred" And even asked a few volunteers to be "Fred" Monitors and to give feedback if the room is getting bored or needs a bio break.
     The low light of the evening is that it was too short for anyone to get bored. There was not enough time to go into the depth and power of these teachings, but like a good homeopathic remedy, we trust that everyone got a taste of the medicine if they want to continue to study with Bryson or Blue they can go to this weekend's workshop or contact them directly. or
     They are also looking to house-sit here in San Diego during the winter which would mean they would be in San Diego more often!

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