Wednesday, September 29

Kamala Devi's Video Activation at last year's Tantra Palooza

In "The Shimmering Truth of Tantra" Kamala Devi shares about self inquiry, her personal awakening, her pilgrimage to India, and offers an authentic Puja to Hanuman.  During this Tantra Festival to celebrate 2012, Kamala hosts Shawn Roop, Francoise, Mare Simone, Baba Dez Nichols, Kypris Aster Drake, Ariel White, Kirin Khalsa and Liquid Bells in San Diego for More information about this year's Tantra-Palooza go to:
This edited version is approx. 35 min. and only available for a brief time. The audio visual quality is low, but the content is well worth it. For high quality please order a copy of "The Best of Tantra Theater 9-9-9." Simply write: or get a copy free if you sign up for Tantra-Palooza 10-10-10

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Thomas Fincher said...

Kamala, I really admire you're journey. The ability to understand one's own tantra is really a tough decision. It demands utmost understanding and desire for knowledge. Enlightenment is not spoon fed, it's a trek along the deepest corners of one's soul.

Similarly, meditation is the path used in Thetahealing. The practice of Thetahealing is all about being in touch with the one who made it all- the creator. Then, the energy that we revive through Thetahealing can be redirected to mend our bodies. Thus helping us attain total wellness- in body and spirit.

Looking forward to see more videos from your blog. Thanks!