Monday, September 20

WHAT IS SHAMANISM? (Free Tele-Conference)

Sacred Sexual Shamanism is the Theme of this year's Tantrta-Palooza Festival. But what is it? Shamanism believed to have originated in Sibera. The word "shaman" translates "to know” and is the earliest known spirituality sourcing back to prehistoric time beyond mesaure. Archiolgical evidence has been found from 40,000 years ago, and and shamanic practices have existed in every culture through history. Shamans have been known to:
-heal human suffering,
-interpret dreams,
-reveal prophecy,
-reverse disease
-control the weather,
-project their spirits out of their bodies,
-exorcise spirits from other bodies,
-Channel animal guides and other spirit entities
-shape shift
& time travel
Michael Harner, who has dedicated his life to studying and preserving shamanic teachings through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, says that “A shaman is a type of medicine man or woman especially distinguished by the use of journeys to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream and near-death experiences.” Shamans are widely known as intermediaries who use trance and spirit guides to travel between realms. Trance is induced through singing, dancing, drumming, meditating, breath control fasting or ingesting natural psychoactive drugs.
Both Tantra and Shamanism use specific principles and practices for sexual healing and enlightenment. Some of the basic tools include: breath, sound, movement, prayer, chanting, lovemaking and ritual. Tantra is also about cutting through the illusion, veils, dreams and maya. So that we can break free of the nightmare of the collective unconsciousness.
Scholar of Tibetan Shamanism, Terence McKenna makes the correlation between shamanism and Tantra apparent in his book the Archaic Revival, when he states that Shamans “use archaic techniques of ecstasy that were developed independent of any religious philosophy” He further defines Ecstasy as “the contemplation of wholeness.”

NEW EVENT! We will be hosting a Free Tele-Conference with a variety of shamanic tantra teachers to offer a wide range of perspectives on this very question. Join us on Thurs. Oct. 30th at 1pm New Pre-Palooza Tele-conference Call: What is Sexual Shamanism?
Dial-in Number:(760) 569-6000 Access Code:321357#
The above excerpt is writen By Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi, Author of Sacred Sexual Healing. The above photo is of Photo is of Jaiya Ma, one of the spokespersons in the award winning DVD Sexual Shamanism with Kenneth Ray Stubbs

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