Thursday, September 23

What is all this 2012 Madness?

What do you think about 2012? Is it the big prophesied doomsday? Is it another episode of mass hysteria like in Y2K? Or are we in the midst of the great shift in consciousness?

Many believe that the activation is happening now and that by 2012 the collective consciousness will transcend our fear-based ways of being and we will be able to live together in peace and union. Maybe you're already feeling it: a deeper sense of purpose, time speeding up, and a stronger creative impulse.

I know I've been feeling something. Times are changing. It's not just the economy and the environment, either. When Spirit first started asking me to help anchor a higher vibration into the the material realm, I thought it sort of strange. And then I had a vision of a sort of "buddha field" where all my friends and lovers could play and I thought, "there might be something to this madness afterall!" Thus Tantra-Palooza was born. It is a San Diego based festival with playshops, performance art and a wide range of tantra teachings.

You may be wondering what sacred sex has to do with saving the world? Everything. Sex is how we all got here. It is the most powerful creative force on the planet, but too few people learn to harness its potential.

The ancient Hindu texts write about this era (the Kali Yuga) as the dark ages during which there will be a resurgence of tantric practices to test the human spirit. If society is grounded enough to embrace its shadow and sensual nature, it is believed that we will succeed in a sacred sexual revolution.

Admittedly, awakening the planet is no easy task, and perhaps a little utopic, but we only need a powerful percentage to ground a loving and non-violent field to help people around the world overcome the illusion of suffering and separation.

The photo above is of Damien Rose AKA Liquid Bells offering a Tibetan Trance Journey at last year's Tantra Palooza. He will be playing again at the Pre-Palooza Potluck and Sacred Snuggle Party on Oct. 2nd. To register write:

You are formally invited to the 3rd annual Tantra-Palooza! We are planning a four day festival with 10 Tantra Teachers under one big top tent in Escondido outside of San Diego starting Friday Oct. 8th and ending on Monday Columbus Day. This year's theme is Sacred Sexual Shamanism and there are only about 10 spots left! It is an annual nationwide event which will lead to 11 teachers on 11-11-11 and yep, you guessed it, 12 teachers on 12-12-2012... We invite YOU to help anchor in a global activation of love, passion, and bliss!
With Love,
Kamala Devi

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