Monday, September 13

New Naked Yoga Class in Review

This photo was taken after we put our clothes back on at the end of first naked yoga class last Saturday. In case you're worried that it's more of a men's group, I promise there were at least two other goddesses and one gorgeous woman taking the photo, but I respect people's privacy and am grateful to those who were willing to be pictured and posted on my blog.
      Teaching this class stretched me in more ways than one. First of all, I haven't taught a yoga class in over 4 years. Second, I just started my period and was torn as to whether using protection qualified as completely naked. Moreover, my personal yoga practice has evolved away from asana and into surrender and jnana yoga. But recently, Michael and I have been doing daily salutations in varying states of undress, and since one of our core principles is "the more the merrier" I sent an open invitation for friends and lovers to join in this fun.
     My first naked yoga experiences were while living on a drumming commune in Hawaii over 15 years ago. I only re-visited this practice several years ago at a weekend in Chicago with Isis Phoenix of Naked Yoga NYC. What a woman! The experience shifted something deep within me. (This is the same weekend that I met Reid Mihalko. I've never been the same since the first time I saw him do downward dog.) Joking aside, There is something so fundamentally healing about stretching sky-clad. Connecting with spirit without costumes, just as we came into this world.

"Why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They don't toil, neither do they spin." Mathew 6:28

     In fact after the disrobing ritual and the first 15 minutes of class, most students get so into their breath, and the spirit of the practice that they completely forget they are naked. As the teacher my greatest challenge had more to do with teaching an all-levels intro class. I had to mix teachings for several advanced yoga teachers and two absolute beginners. My highlight of the experience is when one of the teachers, an editor of a fitness magazine wrote me: "Thanks for an outstanding class, you are my favorite yoga teacher of all time!!! It was an amazing experiece and I hope you do more! I need to work up to naked inversions. ;)"

     Clearly, there is a need for this kind of class. With only one day's notice, we had a full house, and I got over a dozen emails from interested yogis who would like to come in the future.  When I google Naked Yoga in San Diego, all I come up with is private gay men's groups, I feel this is important to do in a mixed group, regardless of sexuality. Thus, I will be leading it again, soon. At least every couple of weeks. I'd like to develop a regular bi monthly time to support consistency in attendance. I'll narrow the teachings down for an intermediate level, and ask everyone to bring a yoga mat AND a sarong or towel to cover themselves during Sivasana. Next class is now scheduled for Oct. NEW: Oct. 2nd Naked Yoga Intermediate level 4pm-5:30pm. RSVP required to And we will also be offering Naked yoga at Tantra Palooza Oct. 8-11. For details go to:
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