Saturday, April 4

Invitation to a Sacred Sex Conference in Sedona!

The Tantra Theater Troupe will be performing next at the:

8th Annual Daka/Dakini Conference - West
In Sedona, Arizona - May 8-10, 2009

A Conference & Gathering for Sacred Sexuality Healers, Teachers & Practitioners

Theme: Creating Alliances, Raising Consciousness, and Cultivating Professionalism

Our 2008 conference was immensely successful and we are on track for yet another amazing Sedona conference in 2009! The response, support and early registrations are their own testimonial to the power of these conferences. We encourage you to register early. You really don’t want to miss this event!

To see a list of the presenters , more Info and Registration go to:

KAMALA DEVI will be Presenting:
The TANTRA MATRIX: a tool Box for sacred sex professionals
I stalk success. I’ve studied erotic entrepreneurs who struggle as well as those who succeeded. I pay attention to my students feedback and decompress with countless other tantra teachers. Most importantly, I listen to the voice of my own spiritual guides. In synthesizing all these experiences, both personal and vicarious, I seek the answer to one question: "What wisdom will open channels for the most direct transmission of Tantra?" This is how I discovered the TANTRA MATRIX. In essence, the TANTRA MATRIX is a powerful toolbox to help you generate and organize your sacred sexual curriculum. It is a taxonomy of tantric practices. In this interactive presentation, I will offer a paradigm shift that will help you access infinite source of curriculum. I will introduce the ten major categories and teach you how to use the TANTRA MATRIX to better understand, appreciate and prepare your own curriculum for privates or for groups.

The following members of the SD Tantra Theater Troupe will be performing scenes from The Birth of Tantra Theater: Michael McClure, Shawn Roop, Ariel White, Viraja Ma, Joy Keller and FabuLiz Hahn Directed by Kamala Devi. See you there!

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