Monday, March 30

Cliff Notes for Tantra Theater

After the welcome circle, I started the evening off by explaining that the Tantra Theater Show is the product of a 90 day journey where we tight-walked the fine line between art and therapy. During rehearsals we laughed, cried, and circulated orgasmic energy together. Most of the scenes are written by the performer.
Just as there are 64 tantric arts...Viraja Ma went through 64 hours of labor...and thus the play started with a dramatization of her tantric home-birth. In a media interview after the show, the interviewer asked me...what does birth have to do with tantra?
Tantra teaches us that we are all divine gods and goddesses. We are learning to experience more divinity in our bodies... and there is no more obvious and direct way to know that you are a creator, than by giving birth. Every woman has the opportunity to experience her womb as a portal to the spirit realm. When woman chooses not to give their power over to the medical establishment, they can stay in touch with the experience of bringing life to earth.

Tantra also gives us permission to turn gender roles upside down. In this next scene...we have Michael playing the high school slut and Rita smokes a cigar and washes her penis off before making Michael give her a blow job.

What would the evening be without a little gender-bending and lesbian fun? Oh, My Goddesses...Ariel and Joy are hot together!

I should have warned the people in the front row that they were in the "Splash Zone" Just like at SeaWorld, "If you are sitting in the first three rows...You Will Get Wet." Here Cynthia performes: My Amrita, My Blood, My Milk and Me.
Viraja and Shawn don't just play the part of divine mother and father...they ARE Shakti and Shiva incarnate!

Viraja and Michael on the other hand...could use a little cheese with their crackers...You'll be hearing more from "Sister Shakti Ma" and "Swami Rainbow-Anada" as they launch their YouTube tantra teaching series.

In "Shawn vs. the Vacuum" we get a glimpse into the deep sexual wounding that a modern tantra master had to overcome...The picture says it all.

I know this next scene looks like Shawn is trying to levitate while his sisters are playing the hand jive...but it's actually a brilliant scene by Ember which suggests that we chose our life's circumstances and it is up to each individual to forgive, worship, and remember their own divinity.

And finally, what would Tantra be without a little Bollywood dance at the end?

Special Thank you to Tracey Lontos and Electric Rick for taking these photos.
Thank you San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe!
See you at the cast party.
Love, KD
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