Saturday, March 14

Past Recordings for Current Writing Students March-May/09

Dear Writers,
If you'd like to hear a kick ass teleclass for writers scroll down or click on:

However this recording is intended only for the Spring class '09 of "How to Write a Book in 90 days" Please honor the ethical distribution of this material.

Here is the FINAL CLASS on the difference between Self publishing vs. Trade publishing!

The current class Roster:
Val, Michelle, Terri, Ceslie, Kaliani, Jeff Sanchez, Jim, Akasha, Michelle, Michael, Eti, Diane, Grace, Jeff Spahn.I'll see you next week on the Call. In the meantime... Write On!

Tuesday's 30 minute Q and A:

Call or write if you have any furhter questions: 858-272-2254

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