Friday, March 13

Tantra & Theater: Two great tastes that taste great together!

Come one! Come All! To the amazing new performance of the San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe!
Introducing a evening event that is not afraid to wrestle with Birth, Death and Sacred sex on stage. We use comedy, drama, and dance to educate, entertain, and enlighten. We have created a magical back yard stage to host this huge community event. Everyone (over 18) is welcome. Just enjoy the ride!
Tantra Theater Players:
Shawn Roop, Rita Mooney, Joy Keller, Ariel White, Viraja Ma, Michael McClure, Jodi Ember, Cynthia Savage and Kamala Devi These talented tantrikas have cultivated deep personal narratives as well as original works of fiction and improv to embody the experiencial nature of tantra.
The vision of the tantra Theater Troupe is to celebrate the presence of Spirit in every aspect of life, and better to appreciate the drama of life. If you're interested in being a part of this deep personal growth process, Join Kamala Devi for her next 90 day "Tantra Theater" course starting in May. For more information write or call: 858-272-2254The "Birth of Tantra Theater" runs: Friday March 27th and/or Saturday March 28th at 6:45PM, $15.00 per person in the Backyard of the Emerald Temple in Pacific Beach


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