Thursday, March 26

Testmonials from the Tantra Theater Troupe

Viraja Ma
"Tantra Theater has become a beautiful outlet for healing, transformation, fun and self discovery. The depth at which I know, accept and love myself and drastically increased. I have truly benefited from this experience."

Shawn Roop
"Tantra Theater helped unlock deep creativity and juicy emotional connections that really rocketed extremly valuable energy into all aspects of my life. The group intimacy with each member is the greatest gift I am coming away with, thanks to Kamala's passion to unveil transparancy and authenticity in each breath" Shawn Roop

Ariel White
"Put Tantra and Theater together and you have a powerful combination!"

Jodi Ember
"Tantra theatre inspired us to go through our personal narratives and transform the most impactful experiences of our lives into art. In so doing, we’ve discovered the gem within each and learned that our experiences are universal. We’re serving them up, that they may inspire you and help you find the Good – bon appetit!”

Cynthia Savage
"Tantra theatre for me has been an awesome exploration of creating art out of life experiences and watching the blossoming of each person’s creative spark. Having acted many years, I have been directed by a lot of people, and find Kamala’s direction to be wonderfully insightful and dynamic. She manages to bring out the light in everyone, and has the confidence, skill and artistry to create magic."

Rita Mooney
"I have been witness to the unfolding of amazing stories and deep, dark secrets. These tales, told with integrity and authenticity and received with genuine interest remind us that we are not alone and provide the courage to release the toxic residuals of our own stories. What an amazing 90 days. Kamala is truly gifted at leading creative exploration in a safe and supportive manner. Whether with the group, or one-on-one coaching, it’s an enjoyable and life-changing process. She makes comfortable, this creative process; is a fantastic leader and a giving director. If you are thinking about it, you should do it!"

Michael McClure
"As an actor, I find Tantra Theater unique in that it helps unblock my true inner self...and it's Sexy. "

Joy Keller
"My Tantra theater experience has been transformative. The process reawakened not just the actor in me, but the me in me. Kamala is an extraordinary facilitator and creativity coach who sees the big picture backwards and inside out from an intuitive, spiritual perch that makes the final product intensely meaningful. Her vision and ability to weave all aspects and elements at hand helped me embody my passion for life again. If you are ready to grab life by the minute hand and remember what it feels like to dance in the moment, try Tantra Theater!"

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