Tuesday, March 24

Breakthrough to your Full Self Expression

Got Creativity?

Enjoy this free 1 hour recording of Kamala Devi interviewing Freddy Zental of TantraNova.
We thought you'd like to evesdrop in one of our creative conversations.

We've been dialoging about Tantra and Theater for over a year and we've had so many transformative conversations that I finally decided share the inspiration with you!
For your benefit, we will discuss:
How to overcome the fear of public speaking?
How to handle the ego when doing public performance?
How can Tantra and Theater unleash your full expression?
How to manifest more creativity and less drama in your life?
Zental's work has assisted me, and thousands of others, to cut through the illusion that keeps us from fully actualizing our dreams and passions. Learn how creativity can lead to more intimacy & love. We will introduce you to Tantra Theater based technologies.

Get tickets for Freddy's one man tantra show in San Diego on April 17th, Register with eventbrite and/or paypalhttp://tantranovaman.eventbrite.com/
For the weekend workshop go to: http://tantranovaman.eventbrite.com/

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