Tuesday, March 24

Director's Notes

I hate to be one of those directors who, at the beginning of the show goes on and on about how significant the collaborative process was. HOWEVER--This show was intended as a "process piece" which means we spent 90 days of sharing wild hot inspiration on subjects ranging from birth to death.

Whenever you get together in a concentrated circle of powerful alchemists for the purpose of creating ...you're likely to manifest life circumstances with similar themes. It's true, "life imitates art" and ofcourse, the converse is true. Together we moved through marriage, the death of several troupe members, pregnancy, divorce and new love. Always with a keen eye on what is thereapy and what is art.

Through this process, we generated over five hours of deep intimate performance material. And ultimately, my greatest challenge as the director is the burden to whittle it all down to a manageable show. If the weather weren't so damn cold, and our audience wasn't sitting in the grass under the stars...I'd probably make them witness more of our process and disclaim that tantric theater is like tantric lovemaking... long and challenging.

Alas, for those who don't have the endurance of a rock star, I selected only the most inspired pieces and pocketed the other performances for an future encore where we might share our outtakes and give birth to our"creative miscarriages." I look forward to hearing how our process sets fire to yours. Join us March 27th and 28th at 6:45pm at 1140 Emerald St. San Diego, CA 92109. $15 858-272-2254

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