Tuesday, April 14

Recording: Daka-Dakini Conference WEST in Sedona May 8-10th

Calling all:

Tantra Teachers, Erotic Entrepreneurs and Sacred Sexual Healers,
I was moderating this conference call with dozens of national tantra teachers when ***ARG!!*** Our Confrence Call service went down!!! We apologize for the inconvenience caused by technical difficulties...
To make up for it, Baba Dez Nichols and I will be hosting another Tele-conference where we get to interview Zental, Destin Gerek, Shawn Roop and other presenters as well as hold space for a juicy Q & A where you can literally ask any professional questions you have about sacred sexuality!
Mark your calendar for: Mon. April 20th at 6pm PST
Dial in: 218-339-4300
Access Code: 670918#
In the meantime enjoy this partial recording of the exciting call ...


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