Friday, April 10

MTV is callling for True Life Poly People

I'm going to NY next month to be in this show! And since they are still looking for a West Coast poly family to profile, I thought I'd post the following.... Know anyone who fits the description?

Hi there,

I work for MTV News & Documentaries in Los Angeles, and I'm
currently researching a new round of episodes for MTV's long-
running series, True Life. The series, if you're unfamiliar,
employs first-person narrative storytelling to provide a window
into the lives of young Americans. To date, the series has
explored topics as complex as living with a disorder such as
autism or obsessive-compulsive disorder; living in extreme
poverty; single parenting; and being deployed to and returning
from military service in Iraq.

On the lighter side, True Life also explores all aspects of
human relationships--friendships, families, and of course,
romance. We're currently exploring the idea of a True Life
episode featuring young people who are involved in polyamorous
relationships (in which all parties know about each other). We
are interested in hearing from people with all kinds of
stories, from happy threesomes, polyamourous couples in a tug-
of-war with a third party, married couples in open
relationships, singles whose ex-es have resurfaced, causing
friction in current relationships, swinging couples, and
everything in-between. Can you help us put out our call for

We're specifically looking for stories that are unfolding in
the present, in which the love triangle plays a role in a
process, upcoming decision, change or transition on the horizon
for one or more of the people involved.

We would like to get the word out to people in our age range
(18-28, roughly) who might be interested in possibly sharing
their story and ultimately participating in a documentary
project that would follow as they navigate whatever conflict,
tension, obstacle, or decision they are facing because of or
related to their poly relationship.

Let me know and thanks for any assistance you can provide… if
there is anyone else you think I should contact about this
project, or if you have any questions, please feel free to get
in touch with me at (949) 533-9918 or by email at

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